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Easter in a Bag

During Passion Week we encourage you to read the excerpts from Henri Nouwen’s book "Show Me the Way." As you daily work through the short devotionals, pray, journal and meditate on the great cost of your salvation. Take some time each day to watch the Refresh Daily Devotions that will be following the same theme.

We are the church without walls. 

To help us observe Holy Week in a more meaningful way we have provided what we are calling Easter in a Bag. The items will be activities for your family to engage in Thursday -Resurrection Sunday. 
We will have two Live Stream services, one on Good Friday at 12 noon, and the other Easter Sunday at 10am. Join us at these times, or participate later as a family.  Click here to join us on YouTube Live Stream.


Good Friday - April 10th

 Good Friday is a time of sober reflection to meet Jesus at the foot of the cross and confess He is truly the Son of God (Matt. 27:54). We are invited by our Lord and Savior to bring our fear, pain, skepticism, discontent, futility and forfeit it all to him.
Join us for our live stream Good Friday Remembrance Service at 12 noon on our YouTube site. You can do it with us live, or do it with your family later today. Go to oronaz.org/stream to watch it either way. Gather your communion elements either from what you already have at home or what you picked up at church on Wednesday.
During this Good Friday service, we will reflect on the cross through Scripture, song, readings and a short message entitled Prisoners Under the Cross followed by sharing Communion together. We are looking forward to participating in this Holy time together.
Good Friday Evening -
The Temple Curtain is Torn
 Later that Friday evening, or after the service, read together, Matthew 27:51. “At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook, the rocks split, and the tombs broke open.” 
Step 1: What pain, grief or suffering tears at you hearts the most? Identify just one.
Step 2: Pick up the piece of fabric and feel its texture. Tear it or cut it and let the sound be your prayer.
Step 3: Give thanks that God hears your prayers and understands your anguish.
Fast in some way on Good Friday by:
  • Completely skipping eating one or all meals
  • Eat lighter with just juice or light soup
  •  Fast from social media for the entire day

Holy Saturday
April 11th

Light and Dark 
 On Holy Saturday we remember the darkness that came before the resurrection. In your bag is a small candle. It represents God’s light because we know the light that came after the darkness of the cross.
Step 1: Reflect on the dark places in your life. Write one on the 3x5 card.
Step 2: Ask God to bring light into those dark places.
Step 3: Light the candle, remember resurrection and light are coming.

Resurrection Sunday
April 12th

 He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!
Prior to Sunday morning boil a few eggs,(color if you can). Even if there’s one or two of you, put the eggs out before retiring Saturday night. (If you have younger children you can hide them)
On Sunday morning, just as you do on Christmas with your stockings, look for and find the eggs. Read 1 Corinthians 15:3-6, 11 out loud. Pray and thank God for the gift of His Son Jesus Christ.
After breakfast, get dressed up for our online service at 10am, and participate in worship together as the Church. 

Celebrate Easter with Your Church Family Online!