Joshua 2:1-24

Promises Kept
Joshua 2: 1-24
We are reminded in Joshua 1:8: “Do not let the Word depart from your mouth, meditate on it day and night”.    What “promises” have you dwelt on, or need to dwell on in these days of distancing?
*Later this week read Psalm 119:1-8 aloud
A.  Joshua leads wholeheartedly, with an obedient heart.   Read Joshua 2:1-7    God has told Joshua repeatedly “Only be strong and courageous”.
  • v.1-2 Joshua acts by sending two spies to look over the land.  (40 years earlier Joshua and Caleb were 2 of 12 who reported “We can take the land”.
  • God uses the unlikely.   Raheb was a grandmother of Jesus (Matt. 1:5)
  • V. 3 Anxious eyes were on the other side, the King of Jericho was watching.
  • V. 4 God shields his obedient followers and works His plan.   * How has the gracious hand of God shielded and provided for you this week?
  • V.6-7 How does Rahab work into God’s plan?
B.  God’s plan unfolds for his children with anxious hearts and a righteous Gentile woman.
  • V. 8-13 Rahab has a heart to heart bedtime chat with two hunted spies.
  • V. 14 Covenant agreement between two cultures at odds, Jews and Gentiles.
  • V. 15-16 God’s provision and timing can and must be trusted (Remember 3 days – Joshua 1:11)
  • V. 17-21 The scarlet cord agreement: Rahab’s family is protected.
  • V. 24 Spies report to Joshua “The Lord has surely given the whole land into our hands”
Our takeaways from Joshua 2:
  1. God has already kept his promise
  2. God goes before us into our unknowns – Promise Keeper, Way Maker, Light in the Darkness!

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