What is the Purpose of Lifegroups?

Lifegroups gather in homes to know and care for one another, grow as followers of Jesus, and encourage one another toward a life of mission in our church, workplace and community.

To CARE for one another.
To GROW as followers of Jesus.
To SERVE alongside God in his mission.

God works in everyday life. God works in every relationship. Because of this mystery, those who follow Christ must make space to share life regularly with each other. Looking ahead, OroNaz will value and place lifegroups as a priority in our ministry as a church. These circles of sharing our lives will be the frontline to CARE for each other and be cared for, to GROW as followers of Jesus, and to SERVE alongside God in his mission. Together, we will work out our everyday lives under the Gospel reign of King Jesus, admitting we need each other to grow in the grace of following Jesus.  It’s in allowing ourselves to be known and seeking to know others that we discover Christ among us (Luke 24:13-35).

5 Foundational Targets for Lifegroups:

Lifegroups practice what it means to love one another as Jesus has loved us. Each lifegroup will do this by focusing on five main Christian and Biblical practices:

1. We practice Jesus’ welcome of hospitality (opening our homes to others).
2. We practice the Biblical traits of friendship (offering our presence to others).
3. We practice telling our stories and listening to others (opening our ears to listen and our hearts to share, knowing that our stories are a part of God’s big story).
4. We practice listening to Scripture and allowing Scripture to read us (opening our lives to the formation of the ways of Jesus).
5. We practice sharing ourselves in practical ways with others (serving with our time, talents and treasures to those in the group and beyond).

How Do I Get Involved in a Lifegroup?

Look through the following lifegroup list organized by the night of the week. When you find one that you would like to try, contact the leader directly by either their phone number or email. Lifegroup leaders are eager to welcome you and will give you the address and any other information about the lifegroup to see if it's a good fit. Each lifegroup may be a little different such as sharing a weekly meal, rotating homes where the group is hosted, having childcare or not and so on.
We are currently on lifegroup break until the beginning of February. The winter/spring 2024 session of lifegroups will begin soon. We will have final information by January 18, 2024.
3-4:30pm, Copley Acres area
Leaders: Barry and Darlene Franks
209.304.8456; (email)

5-7pm, Kelly Ridge area
Leaders: Travis and Kim Marshall
Children welcome
314.813.7280; (email)

5-7:30pm, Copley Acres area
Leaders: Megan and Santos Reyes & Andy and Bonnie McCoy
Children welcome
530.680.4612; (email)

6-7:30pm, Valley View/Lemon Hill area
Leaders: Dan and Denise Libby
530.308.4551; (email)

7-8:30pm, OroNaz Family Room
Leader: Lexi Ramsey
Young Adults group
530.552.8765; (email)

6:30-8pm, Copley Acres area
Leaders: Ed and Susie Redfern