Christian formation is the lifelong process of growing in faith. It is the work of Christ in our hearts transforming how we think, how we live, and how we relate to God and others. At OroNaz, we desire to help our people grow. One way we do that is by offering a selection of eight-week Christian Formation classes specifically designed to promote growth in the following three areas:

1) Learning the story of God (developing biblical literacy)
2) Living out the story of God (practically in relationships, emotions, finances, parenting, etc.)
3) Expanding the story of God (making disciples that make disciples)

Check out the classes below and consider joining one of them. These classes begin March 27. Come with an open and teachable heart. All classes will recess on April 17 & 18. 


1 & 2 Thessalonians begins March 27 at 9am
Led by Brien Hatch in the Fellowship Hall.
First and second Thessalonians cover all the major aspects of living the Christian life.  This includes a significant amount of teaching about end time events.  Paul founded the church in Thessalonica during his second missionary journey.  These are his earliest letters, written to recent converts who needed guidance in their newfound faith. These letters are very relevant for us in the current. They give us hope as we learn to live by faith.
Foundations of the Faith begins March 27 at 9am
Led by Kelly Yam in room 116 in the youth room, #116.
In this class, we will discuss the essential core truths of the Christian faith. Whether you are curious about what Christians believe, just starting out as a new believer or already have a good understanding of the Christian faith, this class will give opportunity for establishing, strengthening and building upon the foundational truths of the Bible.  There will be opportunity for asking questions, Bible study, and sharing how believing these truths make a difference in our everyday lives.
Biblical Finances: An In-Depth Study begins April 3 at 9am
Led by Joey McCoy in Big Al's room, #117.
The Bible pays a great deal of attention to financial matters and we should too! Join us for a seven-week study to learn what the Bible has to say about personal finances and how these biblical principles apply to our everyday lives. 


Treasures Out of Trauma begins March 28 at 6 - 8pm
Led by Arlene Hendriks and Stephanie Fowler in the Fellowship Hall.
Ever been hurt? When life wounds us, we try to explain to ourselves why the particular event or circumstance occurred. Even when we are very young, at some level, we try to process life’s happenings when we feel devalued and worthless. Unfortunately, many of us are more ready to believe negative thoughts about ourselves, about God and about life in general than we are to believe the Truth from the One who created us.

In this class we will learn to pay attention to our own personal patterns of thinking about life, and to look to the Bible for practical Truth we can apply to allow God to transform the way we think, and be able to receive His counsel about our true worth.
Ready for real change in your life? Come and meet Jesus with us. He is the One who will be leading this gathering. He forgives our sins and makes us righteous. He will be the one who guides us on these pathways. He is our Defense Attorney who defends us from the accusations made by the enemy of our soul, He revives our broken hearts and crushed spirits, and changes our lives for good. We can’t wait to meet you!

Required textbook, Treasures Out of Trauma: Gems in the Coal Bin by Arlene Hendriks, can be purchased online or in class for $25.
If you need childcare, please register your child by calling the church office at 530.533.7464 or emailing Please include child’s name, age, which day (Sunday at 9am or Monday at 6pm), and any special needs or allergies.  Childcare is available for infants through 6th grade.  Please register for Monday’s childcare by March 17. There is no deadline for Sunday’s registration.