The Jordan Joshua 3:1-17

When canoeing, camping or fishing, what is your most memorable mishap? Mine is canoeing with the family down the Feather River and capsizing in the current. Mom thought she would drown. The rest of that story is for another time. Crossing over the Jordan • Early in the morning: All Israel, no protests, no stragglers, went down to the River Jordan and camped on the shore (v. 1) • Note the three days of waiting (v. 2), we’ve seen this referenced before. While waiting, what do you suppose the people were doing? What are you doing now, while you wait for the Pandemic to pass (gardening, texting, honey-dos, worrying, going for walks, reading). • Joshua gives specific instructions…. Follow the Ark of the Covenant (v3), the physical presence of God’s promise. *Trust your guide, follow His steps, He’ll lead you in your unfamiliarity. • Consecrate yourselves for following (prayed up, focused, humble) (v. 5) • Obedient leadership steps out to lead (v. 6) • God affirms Joshua in the hearts of a following people (v. 7-8) • Priests followed by the leaders of the 12 tribes step into flood stage water. (v. 9-17) The water piled up, God’s people cross on dry ground. Reflections…. • Why did God have His people cross the River Jordan at flood stage? On dry ground x 3? • When you have never been this way before, what do you most need? A guide? A miracle? A sign post? A small group? • Who in your life could help you with this? Be Strong and Courageous! I miss you all and long to be together to learn and study together. Joe

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