Joshua 4:1-24 – The Memorials

What was one significant place in your formative years? In the social distancing environment, we have lots of time to think, reflect and remember. My significant place and time was driving with my dad to do tree work for Mr. Harold Brown. We drove a ‘53 Ford F100 all around our area talking about our hopes and dreams. A. Crossing the Jordan and remembering (v. 1-9) • (3-4) Follow the leader; so you will know where to go. • (5) Each of you = Leadership in the family unit. • (6) Pass it on to your children, don’t explain it away. Remember God’s goodness. • (8-9) Obedience, remembered by future generations. God is for us! B. Preparing for battle. God’s people stayed together, no deserters. (10-24) • (12) Promises kept: 2 ½ tribes crossed in front, ready for battle, (13) while 40,000 with families and inheritance were on the other side of the Jordan. • (14-18) When they had obeyed and crossed over, the Jordan river returned to flood stage. “When fear comes knockin’, let faith answer the door”. (Robin Roberts) *What “flood stage river” are you needing to cross with faith? • (19-24) Learn “the fear of the Lord”, respect for God the omnipotent father. *Just because I can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. *None of us has ever seen the coronavirus, but we all know it exists as we see its evidence all around the world. ** The world, especially now, is watching your life to see evidence of the great lover of our souls, “the unseen God”. Turn your test into a testimony! Be Strong and Courageous! Miss you all! Joe

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