Joshua 5:1-15 – The Consecration

What rite of passage marked your “coming of age” into adulthood?
Think back to when you were 16 and learning how to drive. Clutches and standard transmissions, trucks
built like tanks, cars as big as cruise ships.
A. Reactions to crossing the Jordan: everybody knew it happened.
• V. 1 All the inhabitants saw or heard….The Lord dried up the Jordan!
• They feared the Israelites and their God (obedience).
B. The lesson of the knife (v. 2-8)
• V. 2 God instructs Joshua to make flint knives and circumcise.
• A physical sign of their covenant with God – Set apart
• V. 5 All the young who crossed the Jordan on dry land hadn’t been circumcised in the desert
wandering, nor did they know how to swim.
• V. 6 Consequences of disobedience: older generation died in the wilderness.
• V. 7 Consequences of obedience and covenant agreement: inherit the Promised Land.
• V. 8 The whole nation rested and healed.
• V. 9 Gilgal – the reproach of Egypt is rolled away.
C. The Lesson of the produce: Celebrate Passover – God provides and delivers (v. 10-12)
• God provided daily bread (manna) in the desert
• Promised Land – the Israelites ate the produce from the land, no more manna, no going back.
D. The Lesson of preparing to possess the Promise (v. 13-15)
• They (and we) can’t sit and wait on the sidelines; must be ready for obedient action.
• We stand on Holy Ground when God meets with us.
• Acts in obedience and humility are a result of meeting with God.
• God is a lover of all mankind, Who will obey Him?
• The battle belongs to the Lord. He fights for us.
• Israelites were trained in the desert….wandering years to trust God step by step. They had not
gone that way before!
Happy Mother’s Day! Be Strong and Courageous! Until we can meet TOGETHER again….

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