Joshua 7:1-26 – I’m in the Camp! – The Defeat at Ai

As a child, what toy did you always want but never got?
A. (7:1) Sin has a strong grip on human kind.
• BUT. As you read the Word, watch out for this conjunction, contrast is coming.
• After great victory in Jericho; sin was discovered after great defeat.
• God is opposed to sin and deception and will act instead of ignore.
B. (7:2-5) The battle of Ai: Joshua proceeds with a familiar battle plan.
• Presumed God’s presence
• Sends spies, gets their report, sends 3,000 men and are defeated, lose 36 men
• (5) The hearts of the people melted in fear and disappointment
C. (7:6-9) Joshua’s response…. Humiliated? Humbled? Shocked?
• What posture do you see here from Joshua and leadership?
• Are you going to leave us hanging out here?
D. (7:10-12) God puts the spotlight on the hidden sin!
• God declared Joshua not guilty. Name the ways they violated the Covenant.
E. (7:13-26) Ancient Israel is a “Theocracy”, God is king
• (13) Consecrate yourselves, purify yourselves – prepare for hard justice
• (14-15) Instructions for investigation and accountability
• (16-26) “Sometimes we try to pray our way out of situations that we behaved our way into”. Andy Stanley
• We encounter a lot of “cheap grace”, rationalization and sense of entitlement that leads us to cheat, lie, hide or avoid what is right in God’s eyes.
• ?? What kinds of things can happen in our lives when we sin and try to hide it??
• (20) The guilty family never admitted sin until they were caught. They were sorry they got caught, not sorry for their sin.
• The penalty for this break of the Covenant was the death penalty, just as God had warned Israel before the battle of Jericho.
**If you had been Joshua, would you have let Achan off? What do you think the response would be for the rest of the nation?
Be Strong and Courageous!

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