Joshua 8:1-28 – The Victory at A

What is one “Come from behind” victory in your life that you still remember?
Ai is destroyed much like Jericho.
A. After the crushing defeat brought on by Achan’s sin in the camp (Joshua 7), we see four things about sin: 1) Sin angers God. 2) There is no small sin. Like oil and water, God and sin don’t mix. 3) Sin separates us from God. 4) Sin will always be revealed by God. Think of God shining a spotlight on sin. (God ID’s Achan).
B. (8:1-2) God and Joshua walk the path forward together.
• Don’t be afraid, don’t be discouraged…. I am with you.
• Don’t be cocky or over confident. Take the whole army and destroy Ai. As almost an afterthought by a gracious God……you get the plunder.
C. (8:3-8) Joshua trusted God and obeyed. He laid out his battle plan for the whole army.
D. (8:10-17) Joshua and the army execute the plan (action). They didn’t just think about it.
E. (8:18-27) God again instructs Joshua “hold out the javelin toward Ai”
• The ambush is sprung, Ai is captured and burned, the enemy army is surrounded.
• 12,000 inhabitants were killed that day. Big victory for Israel after crushing defeat.
F. (8: 28-29) Public execution of the king of Ai, a pile of rubble to this day.
• A reminder of God’s faithfulness toward obedience and warnings about sin.
• Is there some area of your life where the Lord is saying “Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged”
• Have you ever had an occasion when your own self-confidence led you into danger? Failure? Embarrassment? Shame?
Be Strong and Courageous!

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