Joshua 8:30-35– Covenant Agreement Renewed – June 7, 2020

When was the last time your whole family gathered together? What was talked about? Who was there? Where were you? Why this occasion?

Joshua 8:30-32 We see specified plans given by Moses to Joshua

A. What did Joshua do after the victory at AI? In obedience…..
  • (30) He built an altar. What did an altar symbolize for the Israelites?
  • (31) He didn’t take shortcuts. He followed the instructions!
  • (32) In their pres ence, Joshua copies the law of Moses on stone – permanent.

B. (8:33) Who was there for this celebration gathering? 
  • All Israel. Why gather everyone? (Deut. 11:29; 27:1-4)
  • (Deut 11:26-27) Blessings and curse are consequences of obedience for God’s people. 
  • (Deut 11:18-21) The importance of teaching your children. How do you continually teach your children the reality truth of God?
C. Where the gathering took place: Two mountains with a valley
  • (Joshua 8:33) A giant amphitheater with the Ark of the Covenant, priests and leaders in the middle
  • Knowing the instructions is • God’s blessing D. (8:34-35) Why are God’s people gathered? A public reading of God’s law! • Blessings and curses; a complete explanation of God’s expectation
  • An act of inclusion – all Israel, including women, children and aliens.

  • How can you reach out to the marginalized with the “Good News? 

Be Strong and Courageous! Enjoy the reassurance of the Eternal Word made flesh!

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