Something New For Families Sunday Nights at 6pm

Are you concerned about how this season of isolation could affect your children? Do you feel like “personal space” is a lost art? Are you concerned about their spiritual, emotional and physical health? WE ARE TOO! That is why, rather than thinking about what we can’t do, we started asking the question, What CAN We Do? We strongly believe in protecting the health and safety of every person in our community. 

We have created a gathering that will be:

  • Safe for everyone.
  • Engaging for kids & parents
  • Interactive for the whole family.
  • Spiritually nurturing for everyone.

Families will be seated at their own round table while we offer you an opportunity to connect with the Lord through:

  • Family Style Kid Worship
  • Bible Teaching, including missions moment and Kids Q&A
  • Games
  • Response Time
  • Family Prayer

Join us tonight in one of these venues:

• In Sanctuary-NO TICKETS NEEDED! - We invite you to come check it out with your kids.
• In Courtyard - live simulcast of inside worship on big screen TVs.
• Drive-In and stay in or near your vehicle, worship via FM transmitter at 95.9FM, and view screens on the courtyard.
• Online Live-Streaming on your TV or personal device. Click here to go to OroNaz YouTube Channel.