Christmas at OroNaz

Advent means “coming.” In this season of God coming in Jesus we will look back to the loving movement of God’s incarnation as Savior; turn our attention to the present company of the Holy Spirit; all the while, practicing the coming promise of New Creation. Using the five historical themes of Christ’s advent (hope, faith, joy, love, peace), our worship services will contrast the present worldly kingdom which we have deemed ourselves rulers alongside the established yet unfolding kingdom of God. Hope shines as light in the darkness as Emmanuel “God with us” chooses a seat next to us instead on the heavenly realms. This reality bring the heart of God into focus as a relentless love that steps into our crumbling kingdoms, to offer a whole new way to live and breathe and have our being.
Make these projects fun for the entire family. Talk about each item as you buy them.
Take time to pray for each item and think about who might be receiving this coat, gift card, or white board markers. Put a personal note in the envelope of your gift card, coat pocket, or school supply bag. Be sure to wish whoever gets your item a Merry Christmas.

Pick one or do all three. Every gift makes a difference!

A big need for those who have chosen to be part of he Foster Care System as parents is to have the funds to either take the family out to dinner, go to a movie, or go bowling or play miniature golf.
We can help by purchasing a restaurant gift card, getting movie tickets or other gift card.
So first, purchase a gift card,
bring it to Church Sunday and put it in the Orphan & Foster Care container. So simple, but so helpful!

There will be a sign-up sheet to help Foster Families in the future.
With the Campfire last year the Hope Centers winter supplies have been exhausted. New coats, hats, gloves and socks are critical as the days are starting to get colder.
It is easy. Step 1:
Go purchase one, two or three new warm winter coats, various sizes, mostly for men, but some for women. Also buy stocking caps, gloves and socks.
Step 2:
Bring these items to Church on Sunday and put in the special bin.
Your contribution could save someones life this Christmas.
Every School in our area is over crowded since the Campfire. Teachers are working with limited supplies and increasing needs.
We can help by picking up a School Supplies bag at Church on Sunday. Go to the store and stock your bag.
You can either return you bag to the Church to be distributed to local teacher, or give your bags to a teacher you know. This gift will keep giving to children in our community the rest of the year.