Thank you to everyone who made this season of 2023 happen! We are excited for our awards and family movie happening this Saturday, March 18. Come to the brief awards celebration (3pm for 1st-2nd and 5:30pm for 3rd-6th). The movie will play at 3:30pm and 6:00pm following the awards, so come to whichever time works best for you. Concessions will be open, and there will be free popcorn for players.
Check out these videos highlighting the weekly Fruit of the Spirit themes for Upward Basketball 2023 at OroNaz Church. We're excited about how God has been working through this year's season of Upward Basketball!
We are looking forward to the next season of Upward Basketball, keep in touch here and on social media for more details!

Our desire is to know, love and serve our Oroville community, and we have experienced firsthand how Upward provides this opportunity in a unique way.
If you have any questions, you may submit an inquiry through the form below that will be sent to our Upward Directors, Dena and Hunter Doyle.