In Cornerstone, we design five big events throughout the year to make sure senior adults always have a place to belong and feel loved. If you are in this age group and would like to be more involved with Cornerstone, then come join us and enjoy the fellowship!

If you aren’t at retirement age yet, you can help by encouraging those seniors who aren’t connected with Cornerstone to attend
our events or even volunteer to drive them!

We are a church family and we want to make sure no one feels overlooked or forgotten, no matter their age.
Sunday, June 9 - Ice Cream Social
Friday, November 22 - Thanksgiving Potluck
Spring 2025 - Spring BBQ Potluck Lunch
Friday, November 22 - Thanksgiving Potluck
Sunday, September 8 - Pie Fest
Friday, January 10, 2025 - New Year's Breakfast